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Unzoned Studio is led by a team of professionals with a Master's degree in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh, UK. With extensive experience in marketing, visual design, and copywriting in the field of technology and e-commerce, we excel in uncovering and refining product selling points. By combining brand style with concise, sleek, refined, and tasteful visual imagery, we highlight the advantages of products/services, addressing the needs and pain points of the target audience. Our expertise lies in creating innovative designs and brand optimization solutions that encompass both sales power and aesthetic appeal.

Let us help you showcase your unique brand image through compelling designs that exert sales power. Our aim is to capture the attention of your target audience and drive significant improvements in your business outcomes.


Process Flow

To save your valuable time and ensure a smooth project process, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with our service flow to ensure that our deliverables meet your requirements.

*Translation services will skip steps #2 and #3; only projects lasting two months or longer will include step #6.


服務流程 Process Flow | 第一步:聯繫我們 Contact Us

Contact Us​

Please reach out to us on this platform or fill out the "Contact Form" at the bottom of Unzoned Studio's official website to let us understand your willingness to collaborate and an overview of your requirements.

服務流程 Process Flow


服務流程 Process Flow | 第二步:填寫詳細需求表單 Fill in the detailed form

Detailed Requirements Form

After confirming your inquiry, to save time and communication costs, we will email you a "Detailed Requirements Form" for you to fill out.

服務流程 Process Flow


服務流程 Process Flow | 第三步:確認雙方理解一致 Make sure we are on the same page

Confirmation of Mutual Understanding

After receiving your "Detailed Requirements Form," we will schedule a time for an online meeting to ensure mutual understanding and alignment.

服務流程 Process Flow


服務流程 Process Flow | 第四步:確認時程與價格 Confirm the timeline and price

Confirmation of Timeline & Pricing

After the meeting, we will promptly plan the project timeline and pricing, establishing milestones and deadlines.

服務流程 Process Flow


服務流程 Process Flow | 第五步:簽約合作 Sign the contract

Contract Signing

Once both parties agree on the project timeline and pricing, we will proceed with the contract review and signing process.

服務流程 Process Flow


服務流程 Process Flow | 第六步:專案管理 Project Management

Project Management*

Upon project initiation, we will email you the tools for managing the project, enabling both parties to stay updated on the project progress until completion.


File Formats

To meet your needs, we provide the following file formats:

Design Formats

Presentation Formats



You can also contact us via the following platforms.

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